Body Confidence Course

    Body Confidence Course for Post-Natal Mums

Having a baby changes your life in so many ways. Changes you never could have predicted! 

With images everywhere of celebrities popping back into shape faster than you can say “three nannies and a personal trainer”, it’s no wonder that many people feel disillusioned with their own experience of what’s left of your body after pregnancy.  We have very few positive role models in the media.

When you’re pregnant you count down the days until your due date.  You watch your body change with fascination – some aspects of pregnancy are wonderful, others really not so...but be honest, back then did you ever think much about how your body would look and feel after your baby had arrived?

There are many changes, sometimes unexpected and not easily talked about...excess skin, saggy boobs, stretch marks, scars, haemorrhoids, prolapse, weight gain, changes to your libido levels, pain during sex, back ache, pain following episiotomy, incontinence...the list goes on.

Some of these changes get better by themselves over time, some need a little work and others are irreversible.

So what can we do to accept our new bodies and learn to love ourselves again?

Lack of confidence can hold us back from living a full life.  It can make us feel more anxious, less sociable, affect our relationships with our partner and friends, lead us to make unhealthy choices, like comfort eating, and lessen our quality of life.  Well enough’s enough.  I want to help you to release yourself from this negative loop and break free.  Whether your baby is 6 weeks or 16 years old, I want to help you to learn to love your body, be thankful for the amazing things it does and feel fabulous again.

Course Benefits

  • Kick start your new year with a commitment to changing the way you feel about your body
  • Develop long-lasting confidence in yourself
  • Discover your obstacles to confidence and how to overcome them
  • Learn coaching tools to create a body that you love, that you can use in all areas of your life again and again
  • Feel happier and healthier
  • Change the way you feel about yourself and change your relationships for the better
  • Watch how new doors open up for you as you step into a new way of being
  • Transform the way you feel about yourself
  • Access to exclusive course notes and handouts to facilitate your learning
  • Build a support network of like-minded mums in Banbury and meet new friends
  • One-to-one life coaching available at the end of the course on a pay as you go basis (usually a minimum of 4 sessions are required)
  • Access to a closed facebook group of students to connect and continue supporting and learning in between sessions and after the course
  • Meet other experts and hear their top tips for body confidence
  • Make time to invest in yourself and your own wellbeing

Course Outline

I aim to provide a dynamic, vibrant and supportive learning space that is free of judgement.  There will be a mixture of group discussion, experiential exercises, written work and presentations where I will teach you coaching tools.

We will explore how we feel about our bodies on the surface, yet we will work at a deeper level to go beyond the superficial.

  • Experience what it actually feels like to be a confident version of you
  • Discover how your mind and body are linked and learn the power of affirmations
  • Get to know your inner “gremlins” and learn how their negative mind games actually have a positive message.  Discover what your gremlins have to say to you
  • Explore your feelings when giving and receiving compliments
  • Learn the anchor technique to enable you to access your confidence any time, anywhere
  • Learn ways and experience accepting your body and being grateful for all it does for you
  • See my gallery of real mums with real bodies and change your perception of what’s “normal”
  • Face your obstacles to confidence and learn how to overcome them
  • Design actions and a clear plan to help you to achieve your body confidence goals
  • Have time to reflect on your journey to confidence and the learning and rewards you have gained
  • Learn how coaching can keep you on track to achieving your goals
  • Look beyond the achievement of your short term goals and work out how to maintain your confidence for the longer term


Dates, Times and Venue

The four session course will be held between 7.15 and 8.30pm in the Dupuis Centre of St John's Church, Banbury on the following dates.

Monday 3rd February 2014

Monday 10th February 2014

Monday 17th February 2014

Monday 24th February 2014

If you want to attend but cannot make these dates, please register your interest by clicking the get in touch button below because I will be offering more dates in future.


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Terms of business

All coaching sessions will remain strictly confidential and respectful of boundaries. A full copy of my terms of business is available here and it outlines our contract in full. I will send this to you automatically when you agree to sign up for coaching, book an oracle card reading or attend one of my courses.


 Client Testimonial:

Sarah is an excellent coach. Her coaching style is empathetic, yet challenging and insightful. She uses her intuition well and is not afraid to voice impressions which invariably lead to a greater degree of clarity for the client. She is also an extremely positive coach. No matter how confused and bogged down I may have felt at the beginning of a coaching session, the issues get unravelled with ease, leading to a clarity that unleashes energy to move forwards again. The 'clearwater coach' is a perfect name for Sarah! If you want to get moving and make some changes I would highly recommend her.
Leadership Coach