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I am a young, fresh coach and I'm over flowing with enthusiasm about coaching, about life and about your potential. I am passionate about people realising their dreams and creating a life that they really, really, really love living.

Sarah Sienkiewicz ClearwaterCoachI am based in Banbury and coach either face to face in your home, on skype or on the phone.

My style of coaching is clear and non-judgemental. The values I bring to coaching are honesty, trust and respect. I have lovingly created a safe space for you to explore yourself and the changes you are encountering, or about to create.

I am a grounded coach and I will use my intuition to take you to deeper levels of self awareness, where you can access your inner wisdom. I absolutely love coaching, both as a coach and a coachee and I feel so grateful to have found a vocation that I enjoy so much.

I am committed to my personal, spiritual and professional development.

I regularly receive coaching supervision and mentoring. I am constantly striving to be the most useful and effective coach I can be. I adhere to the ICF Code of Ethics.

I'm a mum of two and love being a stay at home mum. I also help to run the toddler liturgy sessions and the baby and toddler playgroup at St John's Church in Banbury and I've always got at least one craft project on the go at any given time!

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I have a wide experience in coaching, healing and affirmations. I have read extensively in this sphere, I practice what I have learned, and have gained these qualifications so far:

Certificate of Coaching Skills - Coaching Development.

Coaching and Physiology, Working with the Body - Coaching Development.

Certificate of Completion - Soul Coacing® Oracle Card Reader Program, Denise LInn Seminars

School for Warriors - Barefoot Doctor.

Learn or Burn Training Session - before my Fire Walk.

Certificate in Coaching - Coaching Academy.

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