Send your Monkey Mind on Holiday!


The Mind Monkey speaks a language of doubt and fear.

She clutters your mind with confusion leaving you feeling disheartened, overwhelmed, with a lack of confidence.

She says:

"should I do this, or that?"

"will it work?"

"what if it doesn't?

"where do I begin?"

"can I really be happy, successful and fulfilled?"

You spend time rushing from here to there without a clear sense of direction. Round and round in circles. It's so confusing and it blocks your flow of peace and abundance. It can be a lonely journey at times and you just wish you had the answers you are looking for.

Your life is a reflection of your mindset so if you aren't living the life you long for then it's time to send that Monkey on an all expenses paid luxury holiday!

 Monkey Mind Be Calm
Without the Monkey Mind chattering relentlessly you can think clearly.

Relax, breathe and remember what a joyful being you really are!

You are ready to step into your glorious future with confidence and clarity.

You are looking to clear your path *from chaos to clarity* and create a successful life where you can truly be happy and feel fulfilled.

"Sarah really helped me to gain clarity about my lifestyle and my work! It was as if ‘a confused ball of wool inside my head’, was gradually and skilfully unravelled to create a really clear, structured, focused pathway forward".

Are you ready to move towards a joyful life where you live out your passion, share your gifts with the world and create a happy, abundant life? I am offering a calm, sacred space for you to re-align with your true self. Space to make decisions and re-connect with your inner wisdom. Whether you need to create a goal or vision for your life or make an action plan to bring your dreams to reality, we can create a package to suit your needs.

Using my skills as a Life Coach, Master Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader, Emotional Freedom Technique Therapist and Law of Attraction Expert I will assist you in clearing past blockages and creating your ideal future.

Following a session you will feel empowered, energised and clear about your situation and the next steps.

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To get started straight away, use the wheel of life to gain perspective of your life and see clearly what areas of your life you'd like to focus on.

Wishing you every success and happiness, and a calm and peaceful mind.