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Well hello dear reader!

It's been a little while since I wrote a blog...I have been busy in the background, clearing lots of space!! So much clearing!

Since I last wrote, I have become attuned to reiki. I'd had a few treatments in the past and have found it to be relaxing and energising but always wondered what was on the other side of attunement.

Now, I must admit, I'm one of these people who likes her own personal body space! The idea of being a hands-on therapist or healer has never appealed to me, but I very much enjoy working with energy. I often send "positive vibes" or "healing vibes" to people and I wanted to make sure that I was sending energy in the purest form, and in the safest way for me and the recipient. I was also really curious to find out what difference "being attuned" would make in my life.

I feel very fortunate to have experienced the day with such lovely friends. Lesley Nell at Greenshoots Health - a Reiki Master Teacher and EFT therapist - lead the training with her usual flair. It was relaxing and focused...and yes I did expect a few fireworks and bright lights. I could feel the energy and loved having a pub lunch and a good ol' girly chin wag! Never underestimate the therapeutic benefits of connecting with your friends! It was an uplifting and cleansing day.

Lesley mentally prepared us for a "clearing" that often happens after attunement. I didn't give it much thought at the time.

Off I went home and wondered how I could structure daily reiki practice into my life.


Here we are with our certificates!

We met up 6 weeks later and it was simply amazing at how much has changed in my life! In a good way! I hadn't really connected it to my reiki attunement but it has made such a difference.

I have cleared life clutter, physical clutter, mental clutter, project clutter. And what's been lovely is that I now have more time to be creative, more time for my business (not scattering my energy too far and wide) and more time for my children. We have been baking and being creative and playing. It feels wonderful. I feel like I have been given a fresh start.

As for the daily practice, well, discipline has always been my area to improve upon. I have found that following along to a YouTube video has helped - and perhaps I need to set a calendar reminder while I'm creating a habit.

A good question to ask yourself when making new habits is "what would this new habit give me". The daily reiki practice will help me build up my energy. It will help me feel calmer, more centred and clearer. I have a feeling that I will be more in tune, more in the flow of life and it will help be to feel more creative. Which is great for me, my family, my clients and everyone with whom I come into contact! Be the change that you wish to see in the world!

Self-Coaching Questions

What's getting in the way of your creativity and/or self-expression?

What can you let go of and clear?

How are your energy levels?

What 3 things can you do to cultivate more energy in your life? When?

Would love to hear your experiences with Reiki. Have you been attuned? Did you experience anything after your first empowerment?

Leave a comment below and share your Reiki story!

With love an infinite (and reiki infused) blessings


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