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I am so excited to share my latest manifestation story!!

At the fabulous Guild of Energists' Conference in Eastborne in November, we were guided through an "Emotional Wall Process" visualisation. In my vision, when I turned around and the wall was gone, I saw the yellow brick road leading straight towards the emerald city. It was a powerful affirmation that my way is clear and I have everything I need within me already. And anything else I need will appear at the right time. Anyway, I saved some pictures on my Pinterest vision board and saved it as my screensaver, and didn't think much else of it.


Pinterest Vision Board


Around the same time as the conference, I had been wanting to go to Dallas for a clickfunnels conference about online marketing. Tony Robbins will be there as a speaker- it's set to be a fantastic event with industry professionals at the top of their game, teaching us their strategies for success.

The first wave of tickets sold out and with Christmas approaching and a broken down car, I didn't have the money available at the time to book.

But I just knew I'd be there in the room and held on to that vision.

The second, more expensive, wave of tickets came and went.

I still believed!

Then, last week, I was put in touch with someone who had a ticket and couldn't make it....and I had the funds available to buy!

But check this out. Saturday night I was googling pictures of Dallas and was blown away!!! I'm just amazed at the resemblance to the Emerald City picture in my vision!


Follow the Yellow Brick RoadDallas



It was a beautiful confirmation that whatever I need along my journey will manifest, as long as I can trust and simply keep walking in the direction of my dream. I heard Darren Hardy vehemently say that "there is no Secret", referring to The Secret book by Rhonda Byrne. He said, "there is no magic pill, you cannot just sit around imagining cheques and expect to receive them". Well, I have tried and tested this theory and I have actually manifested random cheques in the post...but I take his point. There is still work to be done and action to be taken. Law of Attraction is team and the Universe working together in wonderful harmony! You must play your part!

What can this story teach us about manifesting?

- Dream it and believe it. Let go of the "how" you'll achieve it. Everything is possible for the one who believes!

- Have a vision board, whether it's on paper, on your computer, on pinterest - whatever works for you. But it's very interesting how the pictures I put on there have a funny way of becoming reality.

- The power of association. Find experts in your field and learn from them. Spend time with them, in real life, in the same room. This is so powerful! Books and audios are great but wherever possible, get in the same room! It's like the difference between listening to your favourite singer on a cd in your bedroom and going to see them in a concert. The experiences don't really compare!

Have you got your free ebook on how you can use the Law of Attraction to get whatever you want...visit to download yours today.

I would love to hear your stories on what fabulous delights you have manifested lately or what tips you have for creating a vision board. Add your comments below!

If you are stuck with your dreams, affirmations, visions and would like some 1-1 Coaching or EFT feel free to book a Discovery Call and we can get things moving for you. Contact me for the booking link.

Happy manifesting!!

With love and infinite blessings,


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