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So you might have seen the new video on my homepage or have heard me talking about my new venture Healing Business.

I'm so excited!! And a teensy little bit scared too!

ClearwaterCoach is changing...

I have had this dream for such a long time and ClearwaterCoach has been a brilliant training ground for me. I've learned so much about business and creating a profitable coaching practice. I really love sharing information, resources and knowledge and the time has come to start packaging up what I know so that I can help people on a much bigger scale.

It doesn't feel right to do that in ClearwaterCoach so it's time for a change...a rebrand...a new name. It feels a bit stepping into my big girl shoes! When I did my Soul Coaching® Oracle Card certification course Denise Linn spoke about having ceremonial clothes to do your work in. It feels like I am ready to truly step into my authentic self and shine! And having a refresh of my brand and offering is the perfect way to to do that.

I've been working on my book, figuring out what online platforms to use, designing my new logo and brand, working with mentors to help me fine tune my ideas into a richly resourceful program and align them with my highest expression.

If you have a healing business or have a business that needs healing, I can help you. Whether it's practical support or re-alignment of your purpose and energy I have the resources you need.


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  1. michelle beagley

    Ooh how exciting. I wish you every success and may use your services for my business in the future. Mwah xxx You are wonderful c

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